Intelligence. Applied.

Two of the most commonly used tools for developing product strategies today are guesswork and hunches.

At Active Ingredient, we believe a winning business strategy results from the right blend of hard data, rigorous analysis, and a solid understanding of customer behavior and preferences. Whether you need to assess markets, understand competition, or create a whole new product category, we will create a strategy for success using market, customer, and competitive intelligence.

Transform raw data into actionable strategies.

We research your target segments, your prospects, and your competitors. We interview your customers in depth, ask the right questions, and draw meaningful insights from the answers. We help you identify the most promising channels and business models.

And the result for your company is a higher level of success--because your products and services are developed, positioned, and marketed in tune with customer and market needs.

It’s the end of guesswork as you know it.
Whether you need assistance with Market Assessment, Go-To-Market Strategies, Voice of the Customer Research, Vertical Market Targeting, Win/Loss Analysis, Results-Driven Innovation, or Business Modeling, Active Ingredient can help you succeed based on your insight, not your hunch.
Rigorous methodology combined with real-world experience.
Tracy Weatherby, founder of Active Ingredient, started her career in management consulting and spent more than 10 years in the trenches with real products doing real marketing—from product management to managing channels to VP Sales & Marketing. Ten years ago, Tracy started Active Ingredient and has worked with start-up and Fortune 500 companies using a method that combines quantitative data analysis with in-depth customer understanding. Her industry experience spans technology (enterprise, education, and consumer markets) and healthcare (biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical markets).

"Her strategic analysis has been invaluable in targeting business propositions that will work..."

"…now they are the leader in their market. "

"…Tracy Weatherby is a value-added skeptic who keeps development teams focused on what customers care about."

"We highly recommend Active Ingredient for any research project that requires strategic thinking and thoughtful analysis ."

"…helped us justify an extremely strategic initiative in a very practical way…"

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"…applied her independent insight and judgement to make concise recommendations."

"…wrote a clear, compelling business plan on which we raised our second round of funding."

"……successfully draw out meaningful and actionable insights…."

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